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Glorious Grandeur! Devil's Sword Dance Live!

#237: Glorious Grandeur! Devil's Sword Dance Live!
[Live] 08/19/2019 — 08/26/2019
The Imperious and Illuminant World of Dance Gacha
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Shinsoku Ikkon and Sai are going to do a devil’s sword dance themed live!
They won’t just be singing; there’ll also be a scene where they dance with swords and fans.

This time, it’ll be held at a Noh theatre, so Sai are keen to do a live they can be proud of.
At the same time, though Shinsoku Ikkon praise Sai’s dancing, they’re not ready to lose either.

And while Suzaku’s practicing, he gets some inspiration from Nyako’s moves…?

Swords and falling confetti splendidly dance at this Noh theatre packed with tradition...!
Let’s have a heart-snatching live with this powerful and glorious dance!

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  Kirio Nekoyanagi
Shoma Hanamura
Kuro Kiyosumi
Suzaku Akai
Genbu Kurono