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Glossary of terms that appear in SideM.

Characters and TitlesEdit

Amane (あまね)Edit

Seiji Shingen's niece, who he is loves dearly and is firecely protective of.

Chief (総長 Souchou)Edit

The title that Genbu Kurono bears among Ouken High's yankee.

Coach (監督 Kantoku)Edit

The title that W use to refer to Producer.

Demon God of Ibaraki (茨城の鬼神)Edit

Minori Watanabe's street name when he was a delinquent. Appears in the skill name of his N card.

Shinsoku Ikkon's outfit has the name written on their sleeve patches, as Suzaku had been inspired when he received the jacket of the Demon God as a child (see Suzaku's SideMemories and his magazines).

Explosive Flame Suzaku (爆炎の朱雀)Edit

The title that Suzaku Akai occasionally refers to himself by.

Eri Mizutani (水谷 絵理)Edit

Ryo Akizuki's former coworker from 876 Productions. Appears in 【Candid Shot】Ryo Akizuki alongside Ai.

Hidaka Ai (日高 愛)Edit

Ryo Akizuki's former coworker from 876 Productions. Appears in 【Candid Shot】Ryo Akizuki alongside Eri.

Ice Blade Genbu (氷刃の玄武)Edit

The title that Genbu Kurono occasionally refers to himself by.

Legendary Songstress (伝説の歌姫)Edit

A singer who Kei Tsuzuki formerly composed songs for. Currently retired.

Little bros (舎弟 Shatei)Edit

The underlings of Genbu Kurono. Seen in 【Candid Shot】Genbu Kurono and 【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono. The blond one also appears in Suzaku's SideMemories.

Master (師匠 Shishou)Edit

The title that Michiru Enjoji uses to refer to Producer.

Ritsuko Akizuki (秋月 律子)Edit

The cousin of Ryo Akizuki. Previously, both characters appeared in the 2009 game Dearly Stars, where Ritsuko introduces Ryo to the agency 876 Productions. There, Ryo performed as a girl until he moved to 315 Productions.

Takao Kuroi (黒井 崇男)Edit

The president of 961 Productions, which Jupiter were part of in THE iDOLM@STER 2. Shouta calls him Kuro-chan.

Mascots and PetsEdit

Chachata (ちゃちゃ太)Edit

Kuro Kiyosumi's pet goldfish. Obtained in 315 Marching Song! Taiko Live.

Bubu (ブブ)Edit

The mini pig Saki Mizushima found before joining Cafe Parade in This Must be Fate☆, Part 1. Taken care of by Makio Uzuki's family as mentioned in Long Night ~Hotel of Nightmares~.

Champ (チャンプ)Edit

The name Takeru Taiga uses for a certain cat. It is same cat as Overlord.

Elfie (エルフェ)Edit

A panda-like character who occasionally appears in Kei Tsuzuki's cards.

Froggie (カエール Kaeru)Edit

The frog mascot of Pierre. Called 'Froggly' in the Granblue Fantasy collab.

Nyako (にゃこ)Edit

Suzaku Akai's pet cat. Its full name is Nyankii (にゃん喜威). Genbu is allergic to cats, so they have a testy relationship.

John (ジョン)Edit

Ryu Kimura's pet chihuahua.

Kumacchi (くまっち)Edit

The bear mascot of Shiki Iseya.

Overlord (覇王 Haou)Edit

The name Ren Kizaki uses for a certain cat. It is same cat as Champ.

Satan (サタン)Edit

The name of the doll on Asselin BB II's shoulder. Considered the 6th member of Cafe Parade.


Sweets Club (甘党会)Edit

One of the hobby groups in 315 Productions. The chairman is Hideo Akuno. Other members include Haruna Wakazato (donuts faction), Makio Uzuki (cake faction), Suzaku Akai (pancake friends with Hideo), Soichiro Shinonome (sweets faction), and Touma Amagase. Some members have been in sweet themed events together, such as Crispy and Fluffy! Donut Live!, as well as in special occasions like White Day groups. The group was the focus of the 2019 Animate Cafe. All members appear in 【Candid Shot】Soichiro Shinonome.

Takajo Group (鷹城グループ)Edit

The business owned by Kyoji Takajo's family. Being a large company, it appears in cameos throughout the game, such as in 【Candid Shot】Ryu Kimura, where a book from Takajo Publishing is shown.


Otokomichi Ramen (男道らーめん)Edit

The shop that Michiru Enjoji worked at full-time before joining 315 Productions. He still works there on off days and even promotes the store while on idol work, such as in HEAT UP SUMMER LIVE.

Ouken High (オウケン高校)Edit

The high school that Shinsoku Ikkon both attend as first year students. Jupiter visited it in Booming Loud Roar! Crimson Live.


Idol Gravure (アイグラ Aigura)Edit

Magazine in Kyoji Takajo's unchanged N card, featuring the idols of 765Pro.

Candid Shot (オフショット Offshoot)Edit

A series of cards that release once a month, focusing on what the idols do when they're not working. The gacha title is Idols' Day Off.

Remembrance Shot (リメンバーショット Remember Shot)Edit

A series of cards that release once a month, focusing on what the idols when they were younger. The gacha title is The Idols from Those Days.