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Scout MedalsEdit


Street Corner ScoutEdit

Street Corner Scout (街角スカウト) uses Scout Points and predominantly pulls N Idols. On occasion, R Idols can also be pulled. Scout Points can be earned by greeting other Producers, through Event rewards, among other means.

100 Scout Points pulls one Idol and can be spent in increments of 10 and 20 pulls for 1000 and 2000 Scout Points, respectively.

Event ScoutEdit

Platinum ScoutEdit

Compared to the Street Corner Scout, Platinum Scout features R Idols, but will occasionally pull a standard SR Idol, or the featured Idol Contest SR. Instead of Scout Points, it uses Platinum Scout Tickets which can be earned from Event rewards. Three kinds of Platinum Scout Tickets available to earn and use: Regular, 5%, and 10%. The standard SRs that can be pulled are:

  • 【豪華絢爛】伊集院 北斗 (0.09%)
  • 【壮大華麗】天ヶ瀬 冬馬 (0.09%)
  • 【天真爛漫】御手洗 翔太 (0.09%)
  • 【青の微笑】桜庭 薫 (0.28%)
  • 【悪人面のヒーロー】握野 英雄 (0.38%)
  • 【赤の熱意】天道 輝 (0.28%)
  • 【熱き心のファイヤーマン】木村 龍 (0.38%)
  • 【緑の風】柏木 翼 (0.28%)
  • 【頼れる兄貴】信玄 誠司 (0.38%)

Other ScoutEdit

Live Scout (ライブスカウト) uses scouting tickets randomly earned from regular Lives during Business. Invitation Scout (招待専用スカウト) uses scouting tickets earned from inviting other Producers to the game.