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Suzaku Akai is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He was a former high school delinquent before forming the Idol Unit Shinsoku Ikkon with Genbu Kurono.

Suzaku Akai
紅井 朱雀
"Touch me and get burnt!!
Get fired up and BURN IT UUUUUUP!!!
Member of
Shinsoku Ikkon.png
SideM Character Data
Age: 16
Height: 170.7 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Shoe Size: 25.5 cm
Birthday: April 4
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Taking Nyako on Walks
Skills: Suzaku Sky Drop
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Aries
Hometown: Hokkaido
Ex-Job: Hot-blooded Yankee
Attribute: Physical
Seiyuu: Takeaki Masuyama

The Yankee who aims to make a wholesale arrest on all of evil, whose blood burns with red hot justice!

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Suzaku is a former high-school delinquent known as "Explosive Flame Suzaku." He sucks at studying, and places all of his confidence in strength and guts instead. Suzaku's sense of justice is strong, but though he can boldly face villains without a problem on one side, on the other he's a pure heart who can barely speak to girls. In order to improve his singing skills, Suzaku does weight training every day, and never misses his protein shakes.

(From 2nd Anniversary Book)


Reasons for Becoming an Idol
In order to stare down all of the bad guys and stop their evil right in its tracks!
Personal Motto
Be a man amongst men!!
Comments for the Future
I frickin’ hate bad guys!
But even if I can take ‘em out with just one punch, that won’t get me anywhere.
I’m gonna become an idol that makes bad guys tremble in fear just from glaring at them through the TV!
Comments about Unit Members
I owe Genbu my life, he’s like an older brother to me. He’s smart, reliable, he’s your ideal man! He doesn’t get along with Nyako very much, though. It’s ‘cause this little guy goes at his own pace... Sometimes I can’t even tell who owns who here!


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Side MemoriesEdit

See: Suzaku Akai/Side Memories
# Chapter Title
1 My Hero
2 The Daily Life of an Ouken High First-Year
3 A Man Among Men!
4 Start the Special Training!
5 Explosive Flame Fledgling
6 As a Yankee
7 Suzaku Sky Drop!
8 Fire Birds Don't Fall
9 Flickering Flame
10 Explosive Flame Suzaku

Birthday CommentsEdit

Year Idol Comment Idol Unit Comment
2015 C-Celebration!? Producer-san holding this sorta celebration for me, am I in a dream or somethin'!? Crap, I'm so happy that I'll freakin' start crying... Don't look! N/A
2016 I ain't a kid no more! I'm not gonna make a scene just 'cause it's my birthday... What!? Y-You got me a birthday present!? Aw hell, of course I'm gonna be happy when ya do that! Suzaku Yo, Genbu, I'm real happy you're celebratin' my birthday! Let's keep kicking ass together on the idol path!
Genbu Of course. Many in body, one in mind... We may have different bodies, Suzaku, but our spirit is united for our goal: to reach the top of the idol world. Now, eat up! There's a massive birthday cake waitin' for you!
2017 Producer-san! Ya remembered my birthday this year too... Your sense of duty is so strong... ya even got me a present... *sniff* I ain't crying, damn it! It's just sweat, okay!? Suzaku I knew you'd remember my birthday, Genbu! ...Damn it, I'm so frickin' happy that I think I'm gonna cry buckets! Do something, Genbu!
Genbu There's no way in hell I'd forget my own partner's birthday! Come one, the party's just gettin' started! Let's make this one hell of a special day!
2018 This year, I'm dead set on not crying! No matter what you do to celebrate my birthday, Producer-san, I... *sniff* ain't gonna get emotional and cry... *sob* Damn it! Suzaku No one told me my birthday was gonna be celebrated all fancy like this! *sniff* Damn it... I'm gettin' all choked up here!
Genbu Today is the wonderful day the man I'm encaptivated with, Suzaku Akai, was born! Of course I'm gonna use all the strength in my body to celebrate your birthday!
2019 Gaah, there’s no helping it! These birthday wishes make me so damn happy, Producer-san! Tears are just a natural response, ya know!, this ain't cool…don’t look too much... Suzaku Wooaah! What’s this!? My annual birthday powerup! Didya prepare this all by yourself?!
Genbu Nah, Bancho san and everybody helped out. As your partner, I’m real proud of you, Suzaku. Happy Birthday!